Its finally upon us. The end of the semester. Another year gone, I can't believe it. This semester has been great, not just including this class but some of my other classes. I'm happy to say that I have some new stuff to add to my portfolio after this semester. I had a really good Graphic Design Project that I'm planning on taking further on my own. Also, this class has greatly improved my skills of drawing the human form. I'm already signed up for the next class in the fall. I'm making it a goal to draw a lot more this summer, as long as work doesn't consume my entire being and giving me 60+ hours of work.

In the beginning of the semester I had little knowledge on few body parts of the human form with little understand of how each act and function together to create the human form. After this class I'm well aware of the unique body parts. I understand how to start of drawing the human form by figuring out the mid line or spine's placement. From there its using other landmarks to begin drawing the rest. One thing I need to improve on is controlling how hard I draw, I draw with the lights tools and they still draw dark when I'm trying to erase. But that is something I'll get better at over time. Another thing I'll get better overtime is gesture drawings. The idea of gesture drawings angers me because, its forcing art. I don't like to be rushed when their is no need, so you may find some of my gestures not good because lets face it I don't work well while working fast. She told use about 3/4 into the semester how she actually wanted us to draw gestures which irritated me because I've been doing it one way with out hearing complaints that now I suddenly have to adapt this new style. I tried it her way and they turned out like shit. I'm not a speed drawer yet, and hopefully I get better at it, but I promise you its not something I plan on doing over the summer, I'd much rather do long drawings.

Overall the semester was great, and I cannot wait till the next class. Oh and before I forget, the self portrait project I originally was excited for because I wanted to pump something good out, but after doing it with a MIRROR, I'll never draw from a mirror again because it constricts my drawing ability while I sit there not moving. I'll just go from a photo, which I believe shouldn't be frowned upon. But here is my self-portrait even though its silly looking.

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  1. I'm taking Life Drawing 2 also so I'll have class with you again in the fall! Isn't it cool to see how Life Drawing affects our work in other classes? I can also agree with you on the gesture drawings, I'm not a huge fan of them either.